I had the wonderful experience on April 12th of this year, of shooting with famous fetish models Jewell Marceau, Smoking Maryjane, and Madison Young! Jewell, and Mary Jane are both local, and Madison was kind enough to fly in from Portland for my shoot. From the technical side, I shot 3 pinup movie loops in 16mm, and about 50 4×5 pictures in black and white.

From a technical aspect, I am pleased with the results. I shot my 1948 Speed Graphic with the 127mm lens instead of the 135 for a little extra coverage. Shooting with Tri-X stopped down to f16, the results were beautiful, worthy of a vintage pinup magazine. From the 16mm movie side, I shot 2 Tri-X black and white loops (I will post a short clip soon), and a short color loop with the Lomo 16mm X-Pro 200 film. This film is very similar to old Ektachrome, and gave it that classic look. I wish I had more of this stuff! But at almost 60 bucks a roll, and low supplies running rampant, I was fortunate to have the one roll that I did.

From a planning and execution aspect, I have to admit, I need to do much better. As a photographer it is important to remember to manage your time. Bottom line. Remember as a photographer it is YOUR show, your responsibility. As a photographer, especially dealing with finicky older equipment, you need to be aware of your surroundings, and keep your set locked down.

Biggest takeaway: there must be a balance between technical skill, and interaction skills. An EXCELLENT tool that I recommend to all photographers, is to have a shoot checklist. While primarily designed for the photographer, giving one to your Production Assistant is a must. Provide a sample copy to your model(s) for their feedback as well. I would also highly suggest to rent a studio! It is less messy and crowded than shooting at home, and not that expensive. In any event, I took all the lessons to heart, as well as the great photos! I was fortunate enough to shoot with these professionals and, and get their feedback on making a successful shoot. Remember, there will always be bumps in the road. Swallow your pride, learn from your mistakes, fix what needs fixin’ and KEEP SHOOTING!!!!!

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Pinup and Tease Shot on Film
Model Mayhem #2864540