Earlier this year I was able to find a complete 16mm Auricon CM-72 sound camera setup in 16mm. This setup was popular for making newsreels in the 1950s through early 1960’s. In fact, i was informed that my particular kit belonged to WGN in Chicago. I got it working after about a month. Without getting too much into the technical jargon, and putting you guys to sleep, I had to construct a power supply for the recording amplifier. The amplifier was designed to run on long obsolete 45 volt batteries. The setup is in pristine condition. After a quick sound test reel, I now have a fully functioning 16mm sound camera! I plan on using this outfit for an upcoming shoot I have with Mary Jane later this month, where she will be playing 1930’s lounge singer. I fully intend to record it in this Check the pictures of this awesome setup, as well as a sample of my ugly mug during the sound test. I just sat on the couch blabbed on and on, while my friend Jon filmed it. Gotta make sacrifices, right?

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Pinup and Tease Shot on Film
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